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Google Meet & Zoom: A Comparison

When it comes to choosing the right video conferencing software for your classroom, there are some important features to consider. On this site, we will compare Google Meet with Zoom, as well as describe how Google Meet can help teachers in their classrooms.


Google Meet: purpose-built for educators

A lot has changed in educational technology. For Meet specifically, Google rolled out numerous security and user experience updates in 2020 to support schools during periods of unprecedented remote learning. Given the growth of the product globally, Google for Education teams continue to invest in features and functionality that make Meet easy to use, reliable, and secure. 

Google Meet

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For administrators and school leaders, evaluating Google Meet and Zoom’s current functionality also provides an opportunity to make decisions that centralize tools, reinforce security and systems management, and ensure a consistent experience for teachers and students across a core platform.


Take a look at the many features Google Meet offers and how they stack up against Zoom.

Free Feature Comparison

*Meet runs in your browser with full functionality, regardless of your operating system. Zoom needs a dedicated desktop client or mobile app for full functionality.

**100TB included free for all Google Workspace Education Domains.

"As a teacher, I have total control over the Meet. I can decide who can join, as well as when it starts and ends. I can turn off the chat, mute or even remove students if necessary."

-Grade 8 Teacher

“Throughout the last year it’s been important for our school to reduce systems complexity and centralize platforms to ensure ease of management and security. Google Meet enables a frictionless video conferencing experience for our users, central management for our IT teams, and seamlessly complements our existing investment in Google Classroom, Google Workspace, and Chromebooks.”

-School Leader, USA

Paid Feature Comparison

*100TB included free for all Google Workspace Education Domains. Paid features. Click here for more information on Google Workspace for Education editions. Regional discounts available.

"I have a clear overview of all the Google Meets happening across our domain and can support where needed with the Meet Quality tools to troubleshoot when teachers have questions."

-Workspace for Education IT Administrator

Free Feature Comparison
Paid Features

Meet Premium Features

Based on feedback from educators across the globe, Google introduced a tiered structure for Google Workspace for Education that enables more flexibility for schools. Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals remains free, and it encompasses a range of tools that enable collaborative learning. Schools can now also opt for one of 3 premium upgrades.


  • Education Standard: advanced security, analytics and control to safeguard against evolving security threats

  • Teaching and Learning Upgrade: Enhance instructional impact with advanced video communication, enriched classroom experiences, and tools to drive academic integrity

  • Education Plus: Transform your school with a comprehensive solution incorporating advanced security and analytics, enhanced teaching and learning tools, and more.

Shot_12_Acer-Spin-713_1954-v2 (1).JPG

The Teaching and Learning Upgrade and Education Plus impact Google Meet functionality specifically. In both editions, schools benefit from extra features like breakout rooms, polls, Q&A, background noise cancellation, attendance tracking, in-domain live streaming, and more.


Beyond these premium Meet features, schools also benefit from augmented functionality in each edition - from plagiarism detection, to additional storage space and cloud recording, to advanced security and analytics tools.

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